13 November 2012

BBC Countryfile: Late arrival, but very welcome

It's been a long time coming, but worth it.

Countryfile (BBC1 Sunday 11 November 2012) finally did a piece on the current fake 'village green' industry.

As it is a mainstream programme, on the nation's favourite channel, it was able to get the Secretary of State himself to give an interview about this scandal.

The constituency of Owen Paterson MP, the minister who was interviewed, has itself been the victim of the spurious 'village green' merchants and their fake claims.  See the case study on the Campaign website.

About to be seen by millions on TV, and knowing that her previous dishonesty on the subject would be exposed unless she radically altered her line on the subject, Kate Ashbrook of the Open Spaces Society at long last admitted - for the first time on record - that these modern so-called 'village green' claims are not all genuine.

Countryfile had to try to get a complicated story into a few minutes of prime-time television.  The  example they chose to go with was Saham Toney.

But guess what?  The local liars who made the claim in this case that the privately-owned property was a 'village green' were too frightened, or ashamed, to go on the programme and try to justify what they had done.