27 September 2011

The Village Green A Child Can Drown In

The phoney 'village green' madness goes on.
To give just the latest example: a community council in Anglesey has made an unopposed registration of a property as a so-called ‘village green’.  It is a very large, deep lake.  They know it is a lake.
Antics and publicity stunts like this bring the genuine historic village greens system into disrepute and make it a laughing stock.
It's at Llyn Maelog, and an aerial photograph of what they claim is a 'village green' is pictured above.  It's the big black shape in the middle of the image.
The space taken up by this saturated 'village green' is about 50 acres.  The traditional cricket game here doesn't require cricket shoes, or even wellington boots.  Bring your underwater diving gear.  Walking the dog in the middle of the green anyone?
On this occasion we can't say it brings the English village green system into disrepute, because here it is our welsh cousins who have carried out the idiotic deed.
Mae'n rhaid i bobl hyn yn idiots.  As they say in the land of our fathers.
Cricket on the ancient village green - if you're on the local council in Llyn Maelog

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