7 September 2011

Another village green fake claim, with no grass in sight

The latest fake 'village green' claim, made in order to stop a development taking place, is in Hayfield in Derbyshire.  Part of it is visible in the picture above, and the rest is concealed by the van.

Previously most famous for being the birthplace of Arthur Lowe (pictured below, right), if this fake 'village green' claim succeeds then Hayfield will also have the unwanted distinction of smallest, most unusable village green in England.  With no grass.

To view the Case Study of this claim on our website, go to http://www.campaignforrealvillagegreens.org.uk/Hayfield


  1. you are being unfair to the place, makes hayfield look like theres one too many village idiots

  2. This is a very biased article. It is not the applicant's fault the law now enables claims like this one to be made. The applicant has made a village green claim under the law as the law is now written. It is irrelevant under the law if the application is stopping improvements or investment in the village.

  3. The site is common land and required both planning permission and approval from the Secretary of State.
    Those requiring a fact based and balanced consensus are neither malicious nor stupid.
    This is a complex issue whether it is common land, village green or simply community space.

  4. whoever posted this information has been sparing with the facts.
    The site is common land which requires both planning permission and approval by the Secretary of State.
    Those seeking a well informed, fact based consensus are neither malicious nor stupid.

  5. Steve Mac (Editor)12 September 2011 at 11:21

    Regarding the two virtually identical 'anonymous' comments above: whatever the land may or may not be, it certainly ISN'T an English village green. How do we know this? Er, by looking at it!