28 September 2010

"This is not the England I was born into"

Further to the most recent post, concerning the Bristol stadium and regeneration fake village green case, a comment was received from Julie (no surname given).  It is worth re-printing in its entirety:

Please let me make certain that I understand what has happened here.
Thousands of local people want the stadium and the regeneration.
The democratically elected council wants the stadium and the regeneration.
The landowner wants the stadium and the regeneration.
But some dog walkers have gone onto the person's land, as trespassers, so their dogs can c**p on that person's property.
Then some inspector or other says that claims of suchlike activities make the property a village green.
The owner's property is then effectively confiscated.
Sorry, but this is not the England that I was born into.
Note: the picture is of  a real village green.  This genuine one is at Wisborough, in Sussex

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