8 June 2010

New Housing Minister Must Continue His Good Track Record Now He Is In Power

Dare we hope that the shameful antics of modern fake 'village green' merchants, who since 1999 have disgraced this once-glorious icon of England, are finally going to be brought to an end?

Nobody is against the traditional, honest English village green.  They are in no way under threat.  However the modern fake 'village green' claimants tie up property owners and local councils alike in endless red tape, as well as causing countless social damage and financial costs.

The new Housing Minister is Grant Shapps MP (pictured right).  When he was Shadow Minister, he asked the following very pertinent question in Parliament:
"To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs pursuant to the answer to the hon. Member for High Peak (Tom Levitt) of 14 December 2009, whether the planned consultation on registration of village greens will consider restrictions on the ability to register a village green."
Restrictions on the ability to make a claim that somebody's property is a 'village green' (anybody can do it, the way the law has stood since 1999) are long overdue.

We have all seen from Yes Minister the tactics that civil servants and populist unaccountable lobby groups use to obstruct newly elected politicians.

Where the great village green swindle is concerned, please let the honourable Grant Shapps be made of sterner stuff.

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