10 March 2010

She Can See For Miles

How many miles?  Well, according to her interview broadcast on today's You and Yours on BBC Radio 4, Kate Ashbrook seems to be able to see for more than 130 miles.  This perhaps indicates hitherto unsuspected super powers.  It's certainly better than Specsavers.

Ms Ashbrook is based in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire and is the General Secretary of the so-called Open Spaces Society.  The property she was talking about is in New Mills, Derbyshire.  She said in the interview that the sewage works in the centre of the land in New Mills "hasn't been used for 70 years or so".  She's badly wrong on that score.

The distance between Henley and New Mills is about 186 miles by road, and 136 miles as the crow flies.

Let's move on to another part of the same town.  Also in New Mills, the Open Spaces Society was giving comprehensive assistance to local people - one of whom was a member of the OSS - to register the real town green.  This is a different piece of land, located next to the town hall and library.

The outcome is very revealing about the politics and corruption of the so-called Open Spaces Society.

New Mills town council wanted to do a profitable land deal to build a courthouse on this open green space.  A phone call to General Secretary Ashbrook  from local New Mills politician and town councillor Sir Martin Doughty was made.  He was a personal friend, and in his capacity as boss of the Natural England quango was also a holder of purse strings at a national level for 'environmental' groups.

Developing the courthouse on this green open space was Sir Martin Doughty's personal pet scheme.  His personal call resulted in the Open Spaces Society immediately withdrawing its help in registering the real town green.

The letter* written by the Open Spaces Society's to its local member, following the personal intervention of General Secretary Ashbrook to help her developer friend Sir Martin Doughty:
"I have recently discovered that you are working against the town council who have been members of the society since 1974.  In the circumstances I regret that I will be unable to assist you further."

* A copy of this disgraceful correspondence is available upon request by email.


  1. Do you think Kate Ashbrook may have researched about New Mills and know some facts about the sewage works, rather than have superpowers to see for miles with which you generously attribute her?

    Which would be the more logical do you think? Are you able to see that far? Possibly not.

  2. Reply to 'Anonymous' comment:

    She may have done, but she didn't:
    a) it's not a sewage works but an effluent works for the local printing business;
    b) it was still operational up until the printing operation closed, a lot more recently than "seventy years or so".

  3. Is your caricature cartoon sexist bullying? Iam a woman and I think it is. You can disagree vehemently with someone , but you don'y have to demean them by sexist innuendo, do you?

  4. Reply to 'Anon' comment above: The charges of sexism, innuendo, bullying, caracaturism, and demeaningism are all denied. Send a non-anonymous email for an honest and enjoyable exchange of views.