18 March 2010

News From Bizarro World

The Campaign received news in its in-box today representing further proof that the modern fake village greens industry belongs in some kind of surreal parallel universe.  Perhaps Alice in Wonderland or Through The Looking Glass.

The news concerned a new insurance product.  Insurance against your property being an English village green!

The wider fraternity of lawyers is catching on to the the reality of these bogus 'greens'.  Here is an extract - entirely accurate in its analysis - from the introductory leaflet for this new product from the First Title insurance company:
"It is anticipated that in the coming years more and more village green applications will be made with the sole purpose of blocking unwanted developments. Many of these will have no basis in law or fact and will be purely speculative applications, however, even a spurious application will be expensive and time consuming to deal with."
Everybody knows what the real, genuine English village green looks like.  Accordingly, we wish that this was an early April Fool's day article.  Sadly, it isn't.

For further information on this product email comm.team@firsttitle.eu or kmills@firsttitle.eu quoting 'insurance against village green claims'.


  1. In my opinion the Government should close down the Open (waste of) Spaces Society with immediate effect. This so called charity is obviously a corrupt organisation run by incompetant individuals with nothing better to do than make peoples lives a misery. They are fuelling the Spurious Village Green Applications (when it suits them) with help and information, not even checking or caring whether its a genuine claim. They are creating an army of pathetic souls up and down the country baying for peoples blood just because they own some land. Have they ever stopped to consider the Land Owner has probably worked hard all their life to have that opportunity, only for some loser and their neighbours to come along (mostly out of jealousy that their lives have amounted to nothing) and try to drag them down to their low level. They cost the tax payer millions in the process at a time when that money could be better spent elsewhere . If they want something to occupy their sad existence why dont they take up Bowls or if its winter, Curling!

  2. Well said, Dave C. The landowner or developer is set up as a hate figure by the people that Dave C refers to. Of course, they don't mind owning a house themselves - it's just other people that they want to stop having one.

  3. Does Kate Ashbag, of the Open Spaces Society, hand out Dick Turpin masks with every sucessful member application?