8 March 2010

Dog Fouling and Excrement, 1: New Swimming Pool and Community's £95m Regeneration, 0

The newly constituted Supreme Court has lost no time in messing things up and handing out the sort of socially damaging opinion that sometimes made the House of Lords notorious.

Coatham near Redcar is the latest victim of nimbyism's modern infatuation with abusing the traditional English village green.

The Open Spaces Society ("We're not anti development, honest we're not"), based in Henley on Thames, was more than usually triumphalist when the surprising Supreme Court opinion was published in the case of Regina (Lewis) v Coatham and Redcar Borough Council and Another.

Less publicised were the opinions of local people who now actually have to live with the depressing consequences.  Here are comments taken verbatim from local news outlets on the web:
"Many thanks for the Friends of Coatham Common, many of whom do not live nearby, for saving a large dog toilet, the youth of redcar will be really pleased they have no leisure facilities."

"Redcar is a DUMP and somepeople seem desperate to keep it that way. The steel works close, people will have to leave the area, and the residents fight against better facilities for themselves!"

"It cant just stay as a dogs toilet. If they just have it as a common then no. It needs to improve the town and not be left as a piece of waste land."

And finally, from local Lord of the Nimbys Jimmy Willis.  The loudest agitators are, as usual, not from the place in question.  More keen on selfishly saving 'the view' from his own privately-owned house than on the needs of other people:
"We moved to Redcar four years ago... We had always visited Redcar when I was home on leave. We got a property with a beautiful sea view and open space out our back gate on High Street West, then we found out Persimmon and the council were going to take away one of the reasons we bought it."

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