18 February 2010

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy

Saham Toney.  What is it?

It's another place where some bloke has used the insane village green laws of this country to claim that somebody's land - shown in the picture above - is a village green.

The bloke in question is Brian Hinkins and the fact he's from Norfolk is no excuse.  The village green scam is being used all over the country.

It's not a village green, it's a field used for growing beetroot of a reasonable quality.


  1. To the Camapign for "Real" Village Greens,

    Was this always a beet field, or has it recently been made into one? What was it for the 20 year period of claim? Has it been a beet field for the last 20 years or was it natural land that locals were using? That is the main question.

    June McCarthy, (applicant for a Green that was reduced to bare earth as a tactic to discourage and inhibit our claim) I think that Steve McAllister may be the "naughty boy" and land owner's ambassador with this mischievous web blog.

  2. It was always an agrigultural field, growing crops, Steve Mac not an ambassador, the blog
    not 'mischievous'

    Been a lot of years since called a naughty boy

  3. You shouldn't have told her Steve, she'll probably try to claim it now.
    QUOTE " (applicant for a Green that was reduced to bare earth as a tactic to discourage and inhibit our claim).
    My heart bleeds for you June, how could they have the audacity to do that to their own land.

  4. You mean the audacity to do that to the environment, all the birds and wildlife, the place where many people used to walk and children play....when they knew it had been used for 20years and a lot more as a Green, proven at the first Inquiry and the applicants had informed them another claim was to be submitted and the independent Inspector had stated in his first Report that a claim was likely to be successful after an imminent change in the law, as use of the land had been proven. Yes, why did the land owners, a Government development agency, damage it and waste all that public money????

  5. 'Anonymous' is actually talking about a place (in Oswestry) that was a railway yard and that was going to be used for a new health centre and so on, until a hitherto unknown breed of anti-development agitators - NIYRYs - stepped in ('Not In Your Railway Yard')