10 February 2010

Dingo Mum, 50

This Campaign follows George Orwell's sage advice on writing, and so where possible prefers snappy titles to longer ones.

An article published today on Conservative Home has possibly the longest article title we've ever seen:  The Conservatives must act to stop vexatious applications to protect village "greens" - which are wasting millions and denying people homes.

With a title like that, the article couldn't 'do what it says on the tin'.  Unless it was a very big tin.

In fact it's a wonderful tin, and as large and effective as a depth charge.  The policy leader at the National Housing Federation, Cameron Watt, perfectly summarised the urgent need for abolition of Section 15 of the Commons Registration Act 2006.  The opening lines of the article:
"What do a slag heap from a disused mine, an ex-industrial brown-field site covered in shrubs and a beetroot field have in common? Not much, except all are being claimed as town and village greens as NIMBYs increasingly exploit legislation to protect genuine communal space to block legitimate developments."
The Conservatives are preparing a planning green paper.  They must include abolition, or radical corrective amendment at the very least, to Section 15 of the Commons Act 2006 in order to stop the modern abuses of traditional village green legislation.

For those wondering about the title of this article, it's tabloid-speak in honour of a middle-aged friend of this Campaign who has recently disappeared to Australia.

Here is the link to the full article on Conservative Home.

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