26 January 2010

Spanish Practices

A couple of changes have been made to the Campaign For Real Village Greens website.

At launch, the initial focus was on the social damage and public waste of money being caused by extensive and growing modern abuse of the well-meaning traditional village green legislation.

However, that is only half of the scandal.  The following has now been added to the front page of the website:
"People in England and Wales are being robbed of their property, sometimes representing their life savings."
When land in Spain was taken from British people living there, with zero compensation for the owner and no opportunity for negotiation, there were investigative programmes on TV and radio about it.  Consumer programmes were scandalised.

The national media in the UK has not yet picked up on this similar state sponsored land-grab scandal here in England and Wales - the great village green swindle - right under their noses.

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