18 January 2010

Nimbys Vs Kids

In Runnymede, Surrey, the local paper reports on a dispute between parents and local kids on the one hand, and opponents of new play facilities on the other hand. 

The land in question is not a registered village green.  The Berry family are pictured in a visit there, above.

In a sublime example of the dishonest double-speak used by nimbys all over the country,  Get Surrey quotes 'Bob Milton of the Open Spaces Society' as saying:

“What we are talking about are recreation facilities, which I think is inappropriate for a village green.”

Trivia corner
Famously, Runnymede was the site of the sealing of the Magna Carta.  This is also relevant to the 'bogus village green' scam now blighting England and Wales.  Among other things, this declaration of rights stated that no free man may be deprived of his property.

As Tony Hancock put it in Twelve Angry Men: "Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you?  Did she die in vain?"

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