26 January 2010

The Land Thieves

Emails from different people, received recently by the Campaign for Real Village Greens, are epitomised by the following:
"I purchased two and a half acres of scruffy land in 2004 that is currently being used for fly tipping by the residents at the back of their properties. I applied for planning permission for development in July 2007 and received notice through, in April 2008, the residents had applied for village green status."
The victim of the land-grab in this case happens to be Mike Gwynne in Wales.  However, he is far from alone.

Land thieves are striking up and down the country, abusing legislation concerning town and village greens.

Although cowboys have been used as the image here in order to make the point, the real land thieves in these modern cases, happening right now, are causing serious loss and damage to public sector bodies as well as to private landowners and charities.  As soon as they make a claim over somebody's property, these "let's pretend it's a village green" fraudsters render it totally valueless.

This is supposed to be the United Kingdom in the modern age, not the wild west from over a century ago.

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