21 January 2010

The Silence Of The Registered Charity

Some people at the Open Spaces Society appear to believe that because an 'industry' making bogus claims of village greens has grown up, this is a success story for its activities.

But they don't like their view of things to be challenged.  In a comment to readers of Planning Blog late last year the OSS's General Secretary, Kate Ashbrook (pictured), stated that the Campaign for Real Village Greens website "contains much misleading information".

We therefore wrote to the Open Spaces Society, on 4 December 2009, requesting answers to the following questions:
"Please provide specific details of any misleading information on the site.  If you are aware of any factual inaccuracy on the site please now point it/them out to us.

"Secondly, please advise what message the Open Spaces Society, speaking on behalf of its members, has got for those people who suffer the loss of their property - and therefore in some cases their life savings - as a result of town or village green claims that are made."
No answer has been received.

The Open Spaces Society receives benefits from claiming registered charity status.  It has indeed become a statutory consultee on issues where very large amounts of public money are involved.

The lack of accountability, as well as integrity, within the Open Spaces Society organisation is a serious matter.

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