4 December 2009

Why Does The Open Spaces Society Need An Office?

Kate Ashbrook runs the Open Spaces Society from a building in rather posh Henley on Thames. 

It's an irony that's delicious.  For an outfit called the Open Spaces Society to have an office building is reminiscent of Lord Sutch, when he demanded to know why there was only one Monopolies Commission.

That's a picture of Screaming Lord Sutch, not of some member of the Open Spaces Society who's just heard that someone wants to build something.

The Campaign for Real Village Greens was the subject of its first smear this week.  In a comment to readers of Planning Blog, the General Secretary of the Open Spaces Society made a claim that the Campaign for Real Village Greens website "contains much misleading information".

We have written to the OSS and asked them to back up that statement.  We have also asked what message they have for people who have lost their property - sometimes property representing their life savings -  through modern claims of so-called town or village greens.

The Planning Blog article 'Battle lines drawn in "village green" debate' can be read here.

The website of the Campaign for real Village Greens can be reached here.

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