1 December 2009

What Gets Measured, Gets Done

One thing that often surprises newcomers to bogus village greens is its wasteful ‘money no object’ feature.

At present, the great village green swindle seems immune to any concern in government over the costs of it.

An example of this was presented to the nation on 28 October 2009, as a result of Tom Levitt MP tabling the following question in Parliament:

"To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what estimate he has made of the number of approved planning developments which have not proceeded pending resolution of applications to register land as a town or village green in the last five years."

The reply revealed a hidden, deeply unsatisfactory situation.  The government has no idea whatsoever.  Minister Mr. Ian Austin gave its reply:
"This information is not collected centrally. While we do not have evidence that this is a widespread problem, we are aware of specific cases where this has occurred and the impact it can have on development. My officials are currently working with those in DEFRA to consider what changes to the current system may be required."
The Campaign's website has therefore been updated with an added page: 'The Waste Involved'. 

Image used: 'Money to Burn' by Victor Dubreuil (1880-1910)

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