1 December 2009

What's Sarah Palin Got To Do With The Fake Village Green Scam In England?

All of today's article concerns Bristol, a place in south west England noted for its university, diversity, and engineering feats.

A message of support arrived from another high-profile local community leader - this time Helen Holland of the above town.  Helen is leader of the Labour Group on the council there:
'I am forwarding this [i.e. the Campaign for Real Village Green website details] to various contacts, both within the City Council and outside, who are all equally frustrated at the misuse of this legislation.'
What has been striking is the lack of political bias in the various correspondence received.  Support for the Campaign - and its goal of exposing the great village green swindle - has come in from all of the main political parties.

One recent, and startling, so-called 'village green' application has been put in as an artificial device to stop Bristol City FC and its supporters from making progress.  Bristol City Football Club wants to build a replacement, modern stadium, but a fake village green application has been lodged by somebody in order to thwart the new development.

Once again, the applicant does not own the property s/he is trying to claim and, once again, a few dog walkers - who are basically trespassing with pooches on someone else's property - want to take precedence over the needs of everybody else in the area.

Finally, British readers may be wondering why former US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin features in the picture.  Be puzzled no longer.  That's Bristol Palin on the right, and it's not our fault her parents chose that name.  How little did they know that, eighteen years later, she would feature in an article helping to expose the fake village green industry in England.

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  1. "Stop Bristol City and its supporters from making progress"? Surely that's the manager's job