24 November 2009

Here Is The Blog, There Is The Website

This is the first entry - Tuesday 24 November 2009 - in the blog in support of The Campaign For Real Village Greens.

The blog may be a little more irreverent and entertaining than the campaign website, which deals with the serious business of exposing the great village green swindle.

If you have not seen it already, please view the Campaign For Real Village Greens website:

The Campaign For Real Village Greens will continue until the law is changed and the shameful travesty of spurious modern so-called 'village greens' - using property that belongs to involuntary third parties and usually looking nothing whatsoever like a village green - is brought to an end.


  1. Who are you, why are there no details on your web site or this blog?

  2. The comment 'who are you?', coming from someone calling themselves 'Anonymous', is so ironic that it's beautiful