24 November 2009

First Abuse Received - World Record Time

The website of the Campaign For Real Village Greens hasn't even been propagated yet - only went 'live' a few hours ago - and already we've received our first abuse.  The honour goes to Councillor Ivan Bell, who lives in Old Glossop.  He's the one on the left in the picture:

Free speech is precious, so we don't mind reproducing Cllr Ivan's email.
Here is what he said:

'Misleading and Scurrilous Site - The content is obviously written by Planners, developers and doggy politicians.
eg.MP Tom Levitt claimed £19.99 expenses for a hair drier when he has no hair to speak of.
Fails to say that these applicants are normally local heroes who are well supported by the public'.

Editor's note:
'Doggy' is presumably an error, intending to mean 'Dodgy'.  Not even the Daily Telegraph has managed to expose any 'doggy politicians'.  Although one DEFRA minister has reportedly been seen in a steamed-up Capri in a public car park at night...

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