26 November 2009

Sarah Mukherjee in Deepest Buckinghamshire

We've been trying to get away from the case of the mysterious Buckinghamshire BBC interview, about nimbys and spurious so-called village greens, but can't.

It has become curiouser and curiouser.

We wanted Sarah Mukherjee, the corporation's much respected environment correspondent who reported live on the issue yesterday morning, to answer a few questions about it.  So far, we haven't been able to.  In the picture, she is front of camera on one of her earlier assignments.

When Sarah handed back from Buckinghamshire to the Today studio for Thought for the Day, John Humphreys sounded surprised and quizzical.  But this turned out to be because the weather was nice.

One so-called 'village green' was featured in the BBC interview.  Sarah announced it as being at Forty Green, Bucks.  The land at that location is shown labelled 'Exhibit A' in the photographs m'lud.

However, there is a different so-called 'village green' not far away.
And next to this land - property shown in 'Exhibit B' - some poor fool had hoped they might build a bungalow. 

The nimby device of claiming that somebody's property is a 'village green' was rapidly wheeled out.

Someone wants to build a home?  This poor deluded fool dares to think - to dream - he might one day be able to build a bungalow?  On his own land?  Seize him!

This case also happens to be in Bucks, at the corner of Coppice Farm Rd and Hazlemere Road in Penn.  However, it wasn't visited for the BBC interview.  Which is a shame, because they would have learned something if they'd gone there.

William Worsley, president of the Country Land and Business Association, perceptively used the expression 'spurious village green' in the live interview.  Sarah Mukherjee, who is a good journalist with an excellent sense of humour, should probably expect to be hearing the words 'spurious village green' quite a lot more in the future.

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