30 November 2009

School Report

Among messages of support from people's elected representatives up and down the country, the Campaign for Real Village Greens website received an email from Derbyshire County Councillor Alan Charles.  This gave details of the public money, supposed to be spent on educating our young people, that instead is wasted on pandering to the spurious 'village green' industry:
'The first case was on a site where we have now built a new primary school for the children of Clay Cross. The new school had vast popular support of the local community, replacing 3 old and worn out schools. The project was held up for around 18 months by a very small group of people (around 6) submitting a village green application... This delay added £370,000 to the build cost of the school and considerable legal costs. This is money that could have provided further much needed improvements at other Derbyshire schools.'
Councillor Charles then refers to another education-related case in Derbyshire, this time in Buxton:

'The building of a desperately needed sports Hall for St Thomas More School. The funding was dependent on the sale of a piece of land that was of no use to the school or the community. The land was going to be used to build houses in an area that is always under pressure on housing supply. The Council agreed to fund the building of the sports hall so long as it was underwritten by the Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocese (who are responsible for this school) subject to the satisfactory sale of the land. After two years the application was dismissed because it did not meet the required criteria. However the same applicant has now submitted a second village green application on a larger piece of land that includes the original site. Thus, the whole process has to start again.

'This legislation really is working against the democratic process and the will of local people at the behest of a very small group of individuals. It must stop!!'

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