13 November 2012

BBC Countryfile: Late arrival, but very welcome

It's been a long time coming, but worth it.

Countryfile (BBC1 Sunday 11 November 2012) finally did a piece on the current fake 'village green' industry.

As it is a mainstream programme, on the nation's favourite channel, it was able to get the Secretary of State himself to give an interview about this scandal.

The constituency of Owen Paterson MP, the minister who was interviewed, has itself been the victim of the spurious 'village green' merchants and their fake claims.  See the case study on the Campaign website.

About to be seen by millions on TV, and knowing that her previous dishonesty on the subject would be exposed unless she radically altered her line on the subject, Kate Ashbrook of the Open Spaces Society at long last admitted - for the first time on record - that these modern so-called 'village green' claims are not all genuine.

Countryfile had to try to get a complicated story into a few minutes of prime-time television.  The  example they chose to go with was Saham Toney.

But guess what?  The local liars who made the claim in this case that the privately-owned property was a 'village green' were too frightened, or ashamed, to go on the programme and try to justify what they had done.

6 October 2011

Village Green Claim Halts £22 Million New Academy

A new £22 million Academy is under threat as a result of a ‘village green’ claim.

Three local politicians have been prominent in recent efforts to try to get a town or village green claim approved, which would have the effect of stopping the planned new education facilities.  The location of this claim is some council-owned land at Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria.

Councillor Ken Williams (pictured), Jim Jefferson a former councillor, and Cllr Ray Guselli have been using the village green laws in a bid to stop a new £22 million academy from being built where it received planning approval.

At the expensive public inquiry which was made necessary because of this claim, Mr Vivian Chapman QC, highly respected legal expert in town and village green law, said:
"It has been apparent before and during the course of the public inquiry that the purpose of this town and village green application is to block the democratic decision, with planning approval, to build a new academy building on the school grounds.
"A £22.5 million central government grant for the construction of the new building will be imperilled if the application succeeds."
Towards the end of the hearings, concerning the rules of the public inquiry, Mr Chapman said:
"Mr Jefferson and Mr Guselli claim to be simple folk unable to understand the directions.  On the contrary... they are clearly intelligent and astute local politicians who understood the directions perfectly well.
"They adopted a deliberate tactic of ignoring the directions and ambushing the objectors (to the village green claim) by withholding much of their evidence until after the start of the public inquiry."
Cllr Williams is reported in the local press as denying this, and stating that he feared 'legal technicalities' could end up settling the case.  In other words, the fear was that that 'legal technicalities' could end up delivering new educational facilities for the local kids.

Cllr Ray Guselli has been kind enough to furnish us with pictures of the claimed site and he has been in touch to point out that in his opinion our portrayal of this case is one-sided.  This criticism is accepted: the purpose of The Campaign for Real Village Greens is to bring an end to modern abuses of the traditional village green legislation, which is now being used on occasions like this to supplant the entire planning regime, and to stop much-needed local facilities or homes.

Following Cllr Guselli’s detailed comments to CRVG about this case, we fully accept that under village green law as it now stands the three men were entitled to support the claim that was made.  The Campaign's position is that the legislation must be reformed urgently.  This is so that genuine, real, traditional village greens are protected, and this kind of modern claim that a third party’s land is somehow a ‘village green’ must be rendered impossible in the future.

Cllr Guselli also wishes to remind all parties that Vivian Chapman QC's sole purpose in this matter is to win his case for his client.

Furness Academy's website provides the following description of its offer for local young people and its hopes for the future: 
Furness Academy is situated in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria on the edge of the Lake District.  The Academy is located on two campuses – North and South – and is scheduled to move into a state-of-the-art new building in 2013.
Furness Academy is one of the few academies in the country that boasts only educational sponsors, and everything we do is about driving up educational standards and ensuring that students aim for their personal best.
Although only established for two years, the Academy is quickly establishing a reputation as an institution which has at its heart a sense of ambition and determination to deliver outstanding teaching and learning.
The existing school at the centre of the dispute, with some of the claimed land in the foreground.  This is one of the extensive array of photos produced to the inquiry:

Right of Reply: the following email has been received from Ray Guselli, referred to in the article:

After extensive correspondence with the Editor I had hoped that the inaccuracies within this article might have been corrected.
I clarified that Mr Jefferson was no longer a Councillor; yet the article continues to refer to 3 Politicians.
I made clear that, having taken legal advice, it was confirmed to and accepted by the Inquiry that my interest was not as a Councillor, but solely as an individual. The Chair recognised that position; the objector's QC is even quoted in the blog as referring to Mr Guselli, not Councillor Guselli, whereas sadly, Steve believes that once a Councillor, always a Councillor....Not so.
The Editor also follows the emotive route of suggesting that the intent of the applicant was to stop the new build Academy, thus affecting children's education, that is of course nonsense. Furthermore, he does not explain that the alternative position of the new build as proposed by the applicant, is actually supported by the Former Deputy Head and the Principal and would ironically enhance the facilities and space available to the school.
Mr Chapman's comments are noted but there was no intent to ambush the Inquiry with late evidence; simply that we provided it right until the very last day as new evidence emerged.
Of course Mr Chapman is there to win, as was his accompanying solicitor and solicitors from Liverpool.
Mr Jefferson on the other hand made the application and was supported by Mr Guselli as a McKenzie's friend until his collapse on the first day of the Inquiry prevented him from continuing.
I note the promotional comments from the Academy which opened its doors in 2009 and its first set of results were below the national average - only 33% passed five GCSEs - the target is 46%. Councillors called for an immediate Ofsted inspection of Furness Academy following the poor GCSE results.
I am delighted that this year's results show an improvement which must be sustained and grow.
We fully support the Academy but brought this application not to stop its progress, but to protect the greenfields used by generations for the purpose they were purchased in 1922, as an extension to the public park. Ironically, designation as a village green would provide the Academy with the space it needs for its sports based curriculum and speciality; however, through the current arrangements the County Council will retain a vast expanse of land that may at some future date be sold off.
Whilst we appreciate the sentiments of the CRVG blog, this application does not fall into the CRVG's stated purpose. If it has to remain, we are happy to provide a more accurate description of events than portrayed and may be contacted by email to r.guselli48@btinternet.com.

27 September 2011

The Village Green A Child Can Drown In

The phoney 'village green' madness goes on.
To give just the latest example: a community council in Anglesey has made an unopposed registration of a property as a so-called ‘village green’.  It is a very large, deep lake.  They know it is a lake.
Antics and publicity stunts like this bring the genuine historic village greens system into disrepute and make it a laughing stock.
It's at Llyn Maelog, and an aerial photograph of what they claim is a 'village green' is pictured above.  It's the big black shape in the middle of the image.
The space taken up by this saturated 'village green' is about 50 acres.  The traditional cricket game here doesn't require cricket shoes, or even wellington boots.  Bring your underwater diving gear.  Walking the dog in the middle of the green anyone?
On this occasion we can't say it brings the English village green system into disrepute, because here it is our welsh cousins who have carried out the idiotic deed.
Mae'n rhaid i bobl hyn yn idiots.  As they say in the land of our fathers.
Cricket on the ancient village green - if you're on the local council in Llyn Maelog

7 September 2011

Another village green fake claim, with no grass in sight

The latest fake 'village green' claim, made in order to stop a development taking place, is in Hayfield in Derbyshire.  Part of it is visible in the picture above, and the rest is concealed by the van.

Previously most famous for being the birthplace of Arthur Lowe (pictured below, right), if this fake 'village green' claim succeeds then Hayfield will also have the unwanted distinction of smallest, most unusable village green in England.  With no grass.

To view the Case Study of this claim on our website, go to http://www.campaignforrealvillagegreens.org.uk/Hayfield

4 September 2011

School Improvements Hit By 'Village Green' Scam

A multi-million pound scheme to rebuild a primary school is on hold after the plans were hit by a 'village green' claim, made in order to frustrate the improvements.

New school buildings are proposed for Clarendon Primary School, in the Great Lever district of Bolton.

But the £6.5 million campus for Clarendon Primary hangs in the balance, because an application to grant the site village green status has been made.

The four people who have made this 'village green' claim are Yusuf Harif, Jean Lawson, Brenda Matthews, and Muhammad PatelAll four live on Bridgeman Street which, surprise surprise, has 'nice views' over the park.  Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq (pictured in the current school's ramshackle old playground, above) is not involved.  Problems arose when proposals were put forward to rebuild a part of the school within a small section of the very large Heywood Park, after two other locations were deemed unsuitable.

A planning application to site the two-storey building in a part of the park, bordering on to Bridgeman Street and Recreation Street, was due to be submitted this month, with the new building open by Easter 2013.

But that will now be delayed, while the application for village green status is considered by the town hall lawyers.

Pictured below is Bobby Heywood (1786-1868), who donated the land to the town.

28 September 2010

"This is not the England I was born into"

Further to the most recent post, concerning the Bristol stadium and regeneration fake village green case, a comment was received from Julie (no surname given).  It is worth re-printing in its entirety:

Please let me make certain that I understand what has happened here.
Thousands of local people want the stadium and the regeneration.
The democratically elected council wants the stadium and the regeneration.
The landowner wants the stadium and the regeneration.
But some dog walkers have gone onto the person's land, as trespassers, so their dogs can c**p on that person's property.
Then some inspector or other says that claims of suchlike activities make the property a village green.
The owner's property is then effectively confiscated.
Sorry, but this is not the England that I was born into.
Note: the picture is of  a real village green.  This genuine one is at Wisborough, in Sussex

27 September 2010

'Village green' scammers succeed in their biggest con-trick yet

The City of Bristol's proud regeneration plans, including one of the modern stadiums for England's football World Cup bid, lie in ruins.

Democratic, transparent and fully accountable, this proposed regeneration scheme had already achieved the necessary planning permission.  This is no mean feat.

But then a few unaccountable activists, wanting to preserve 'their' views (and their nice middle-class house prices) resorted to the now familiar tactic of claiming that somebody else's privately-owned property is a 'village green'.  By doing so, they have caused utter chaos and halted the local regeneration.

The damage to jobs and the hard-pressed local economy by the claim in this case is estimated at from £90 million to £300 million, according to whose calculation you prefer.

Here are a few key issues highlighted by this latest perversion of the village green laws of England.  The so-called 'village green' in question here is:
  • 42 acres.  Many complete villages in England don't amount to 42 acres in area, never mind their local (ancient and genuine) village green.
  • Going to be registered (as things currently stand) on the basis of only 22 people who gave verbal statements about the 'village green' claim.
  • Recommended for registration as a 'village green' despite the people who gave verbal statements not being placed under oath or any similar warning.
  • Supported by the non-statutory 'independent'  inspector in this case, Ms Ross Crail.  Ms Crail acted in support of the Ramblers Association in their most prominent recent case.  Among other things, the Ramblers Association promotes public access to privately-owned property.